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Project Planning part 2

Remote Made Easy boat with workers in-route to a delivery on a foggy day.

In our last post we started the discussion about planning your “off the road system” project.  Once we’ve got the location and have developed the time frame for delivery based on access, forecasted weather and conditions, we look at the best way to offload cargo / pump fuel.

Questions that come up relative to cargo include:

  • How will it be offloaded?  Is there equipment available on-site to off-load or will there be people available to offload?  Does the customer want the cargo off-loaded and left on the dock or the “beach”? 
  • Because we can haul fuel by drum or in bulk tanks, considerations include whether the customer wants drums delivered (again, how will they be offloaded), will we be pumping into drums or to a fuel tank.
  • How much hose is needed to reach the drums or the tanks?
  • Is the customer interested in us consolidating and storing materials until it’s time for delivery?
  • Are there neighbors interested in delivery at the same time because when possible we’ll work to schedule multiple deliveries to the same area to spread the cost of the trip and save everyone some money.

So as you look to plan your project, give Remote Made easy a call 907-228-7783 we are here to help!


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