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Reliable Transportation Solutions for Metlakatla: Delivering Essential Supplies and More

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Discover how our small transportation company, equipped with a USCG-certified 44-foot landing craft, offers reliable transportation solutions for Metlakatla. With our USCG-certified 44-foot landing craft, we are equipped to deliver essential supplies, offer fuel transfers, and provide comprehensive logistical support. We’re committed to serving the unique needs of Metlakatla. We go beyond traditional transportation services by offering an array of solutions tailored to the community’s requirements.

USCG-Certified 44-foot Landing Craft

Discover the capabilities of our USCG-certified 44-foot landing craft, designed to safely transport various goods to Metlakatla. From fuel and building materials to small building equipment, generators, appliances, and furniture, our vessel is versatile enough to accommodate a wide range of cargo. Save your boat the engine hours and save yourself the boat/plane ride and let us deliver what you need!

Delivering Essential Supplies

We understand the importance of a steady supply of essential goods. Our transportation company is well-equipped to deliver groceries, household items, and other supplies and sundries to meet the daily needs of the community.

Comprehensive Logistical Support

In addition to transportation services, we provide comprehensive logistical support. Our team will work closely with you to formulate a plan that optimizes the transportation process, from route planning to scheduling, to ensure efficient delivery from point A to point B.

Our small transportation company is committed to delivering essential supplies, offering septic pump-out services, and providing comprehensive logistical support for the community of Metlakatla. With our USCG-certified 44-foot landing craft and dedicated team, we are well-prepared to meet your diverse needs.

Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you in transporting supplies and equipment and formulating an efficient logistical plan. We look forward to serving you and meeting your specific requirements.


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